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All of my underwater pictures are taken with a Nikon F90x SLR camera surrounded by a metall SUBAL housing. Lenses vary from 20mm wide-angle to 105mm macro. tele-lens. To retain the colour it is necessary to use a strong flashgun, even in shallow waters. Older pictures are with different types of Ikelite flashguns, photographs of the past 5 years are done with Nikon 103 or 105 flashes. I use slidefilm only and I prefer to use Fuji Provia (100 ASA) and Fuji Velvia (50 ASA) - especially for close-ups. For shots into the blue I like the Kodak Elite 100. To get them onto the web I use a Canon FS4000 slides-scanner.

I invite you to visit my webpage on PHOTOGRAPHY, where not only underwater pictures are presented, but photographs on exotic locations and people are shown as well. There you have also the possibility to purchase any artwork if desired:

Andreas Wolf Photography


underwater gallery 1

underwater gallery 2

underwater gallery 3

underwater gallery 4

underwater gallery 5

all pictures in this gallery have been taken in Yanbu, 400 km north of Jeddah

underwater gallery 6

all pictures in this gallery have been taken at the Farasan Banks, 250 km south of Jeddah

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jeddah gallery 1

jeddah gallery 2

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